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When it comes to selling properties, the first challenge is getting people to the door. Through our world-class photography and videography, we add depth and desirability to each property listing, making it stand out among other homes and apartments. 

With Betta Agency, you gain a partner committed to giving you the edge in the competitive real estate agency market.

Video Content for Social Media

Expand your social media presence with video content that highlights property tours, agent insights, auction events, and more. These short, engaging videos are optimised for social media, showcasing your real estate expertise and listings to a wider audience.

Drone Photography and Video for Digital Marketing

Enhance your digital marketing with drone photography and video, offering unique, birds-eye perspectives of your properties. These aerial visuals are perfect for capturing the scale, location and beauty of your listings.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Our integrated marketing campaigns ensure that your brand and listings are consistently and compellingly presented across all digital platforms, maximising impact and engagement and helping to strengthen your brand identity.

Content Creation for Brand Promotion

We create captivating property videos, agent profiles, aerial footage, and event highlights to help promote your brand. This content is crafted to inform, engage, and convert your target audience, showcasing the comprehensive services and unique properties you offer.

Facebook and Google Ads

We run targeted ad campaigns on Facebook and Google to drive visibility for your real estate listings and services. These laser-focused ads attract the right buyers and sellers with compelling visuals and messaging, showcasing your properties in the best possible light.

Custom Video Production

Our virtual property tours, dynamic agent profiles, auction highlights, and comprehensive event coverage will make your agency and properties the talk of the town. 

Professional Photography

Elevate your listings with our professional photography, now enhanced with drone photos to capture stunning aerial views of your properties. This service also includes capturing key moments at real estate events and auctions, and photos of properties for sale or rent. 

Targeted Social Media Campaigns

Leverage targeted advertising campaigns on social media to showcase your listings, agent profiles, and events. Our visually stunning ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram are designed to engage potential clients and increase leads.

The Problems and Solutions

Enhancing Online Visibility

Real estate agents often struggle to capture the essence of properties online. We solve this by creating dynamic visual content that makes each listing pop on any digital platform.

Capturing Authenticity

The challenge of conveying the true feel of a property is met with our authentic, engaging photography and videography, ensuring potential buyers connect emotionally with your listings.

Speed and Efficiency

Time constraints in real estate marketing are real. We offer quick turnarounds without sacrificing quality, keeping your marketing efforts timely and effective.

Creative Storytelling

Generic content won’t cut it. We craft unique stories for each property, highlighting its best features in a creative, compelling manner that captures interest and imagination.

Budget Optimisation

Budget limitations are a common concern. We provide cost-effective solutions that maximise your marketing spend, ensuring high ROI through quality visuals and strategic campaigns.

Brand Consistency

Maintaining a consistent brand image can be challenging. Our expertise ensures that every piece of content aligns with your brand, reinforcing your market position.

Engaging Diverse Audiences

Reaching a diverse audience requires tailored content. We create visuals and campaigns that appeal to a wide range of potential buyers, maximising your property's appeal.

Tech-Forward Solutions

Staying ahead in tech-driven real estate markets is essential. We utilise the latest in photography and videography tech to keep your listings innovative and attractive.

What our clients say about us

James Carter

Real Estate Agent

"Working with Betta Agency transformed our digital presence! Their photography and videography skills brought our property listings to life, engaging more potential buyers than ever before. Their commitment to delivering on time and within budget was truly commendable."

Mark Thompson


"The way Betta Agency handled our auction events and lifestyle content was impressive. They have an incredible knack for capturing the right moments and turning them into powerful marketing tools."

Sarah Benson

Property Developer

"Betta Agency's team is exceptional in digital marketing! Their Facebook and Google ad campaigns increased our visibility significantly. Their professional approach and creative strategies were key in showcasing our projects."

Linda Gomez


"Betta Agency was instrumental in revamping our online presence. Their branded content is not only visually stunning but also effectively communicates our brand's message."

Alex Johnson

Real Estate Broker

"The drone footage and property videos produced by Betta Agency were stunning and gave us a competitive edge. Their understanding of real estate marketing is top-notch."

Emily Clark

Real Estate Agency Owner

"Betta Agency's team captured the essence of our brand perfectly. Their agent profiles and event coverage were not just professional but also creatively engaging."

Frequently asked questions

Lights, Camera, Answers! Your FAQs for the Questions You've Been Screaming to Ask.

How does Betta Agency customise its content marketing strategies for real estate agencies?

At Betta Agency, we understand the unique dynamics of the real estate market and the importance of showcasing properties in the best light possible. Our customised content marketing strategies for real estate agencies include creating captivating video tours, high-quality photography to highlight property features, and engaging digital marketing campaigns that tell the story of each property. We focus on capturing the essence of the homes you're selling, making potential buyers feel connected and engaged from the first glance.

What types of content can Betta Agency produce for our real estate listings?

We specialise in a variety of content types designed to make your listings stand out, including professional-grade photography that showcases properties in their best light, immersive video tours that give potential buyers a virtual walkthrough experience, and compelling property descriptions that capture the imagination. Additionally, our team can create targeted social media content and email marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience and engage potential buyers on multiple platforms.

How does Betta Agency ensure that our properties are presented in a way that aligns with our brand and attracts the right buyers?

Our process begins with a deep understanding of your brand, your target market, and the unique selling points of your properties. We collaborate closely with your team to ensure that every piece of content, from photography to video tours, not only showcases the property in the best possible light but also resonates with your brand values and appeals to your ideal buyer. Regular feedback and revisions ensure that the final output perfectly aligns with your expectations and market needs.

Can Betta Agency help increase our property listings' visibility and attract more potential buyers?

Absolutely. Our digital marketing strategies are designed to enhance your property listings' online presence and attract more potential buyers. By Targeted social media advertising, and engaging content marketing, we can significantly increase the visibility of your listings, attracting a larger audience and generating more leads for your real estate agency.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your content marketing strategies for real estate?

We use a range of metrics to measure the effectiveness of our content marketing strategies, including website traffic, engagement rates on social media, lead generation numbers, and conversion rates. Our team provides regular reports and analytics, allowing us to assess the performance of our strategies and make data-driven decisions to optimise future campaigns for even better results.

What experience does Betta Agency have in the real estate industry?

Betta Agency has a wealth of experience working with real estate agencies, developers, and property management companies. Our portfolio includes successful campaigns that have enhanced property visibility, engaged potential buyers, and contributed to the successful sale of numerous properties. Our understanding of the real estate market's nuances enables us to create content that effectively communicates the value of your properties.

How does Betta Agency stay updated with the latest trends in real estate marketing?

Our team is committed to continuous learning and stays informed about the latest trends and innovations in real estate marketing. We regularly attend industry conferences, participate in training sessions, and keep up with market research to ensure our strategies are not only current but also innovative, providing our clients with a competitive edge in the real estate market.

How can we begin a partnership with Betta Agency for our real estate marketing needs?

Starting a partnership with Betta Agency is straightforward. Contact us through our website's contact form or call us directly to schedule a consultation. We'll discuss your real estate agency's marketing goals, challenges, and the specific needs of your listings. After this initial discussion, we'll propose a tailored strategy, including timelines and budget. Once agreed upon, we'll begin working on elevating your real estate marketing efforts, keeping you involved and informed throughout the process.

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